Didier Lucceus

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Columbia GSAPP
M.Arch + M.S CCCP

Hester Street
Brown University + RISD

MoMA Reconstructions, Fall 2020; AD-WO, Jen Woods, Emmanuel Admassu 
Immeasurability, an installation for the Museum of Modern Art exhibition, Reconstructions: Architecture and Blackness in America, considers Blackness in the ordinary spaces of Atlanta and the ocean floor of the Atlantic.

Black Visuality Glossary, Spring 2020
glossary: an alphabetical list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge with the definitions for those terms.
This Glossary of Black Visuality for Architecture seeks to redefine a series of architectural terms to think through how space forms around Black individuals and how Black individuals form the spaces around us. 
Full Text Here

Washington Heights Clean Air Green Corridor Engagement, Spring 2021; Friends of WHEELS + Hester Street
Friends of WHEELS amplifies youth and community voices through college prepardness and environmental education. Youth have been working towards developing the five block corridor adjacent to their school. We collaborated with WHEELS youth to develop visuals and engagement plan for the corridor. 

Music Lens Boston, 2015 - 2020; Co-led w/ Corinne Auguer 
Corinne and I founded Music Lens in 2015 after a number of Boston area music programs had their funding significantly cut. Music Lens was a free non-profit music camp focused on music appreciation and connecting students of color and their families with fun and affordable music programming. 

Cape Verdean Memory, 2018; Critic Laura Briggs
Research and design project, this pavillion probes Providence’s history of displacing immigrant communities. The pavillion is located in the formerly Cape Verdean neighborhood of Fox Point. It is constructed from reclaimed wood and scrim. It’s framing recollects memories of the community who once called the neighborhood home.

Dotted Line through Boston, Fall 2019; Critic Brian Goldberg
A dotted line through Boston, thes are a series of community-governed spacse for sharing, a space to gather, perform, or cook, a new home for the drill you used once, or the can of paint left unfinished.

Coffin for Henrietta; Spring 2019 
Set design and fabricationb for Marianne Veronne
henrietta is an experimental / speculative documentary intertwining the stories of two black women: henrietta s. bowers duterte (1817-1903) and henrietta lacks (1920-1951).

Path and Landscape, Fall 2019; Critic: Courtney Goode
Model of a graded 5% path through a tree speckled landscape